Anglican Church Women

Anglican Church Women

A Great Group of Women!

Our ACW is a hard working and integral part of St. Peter’s ministry. The ACW supports numerous groups through their fundraising initiatives. Globally, they have supported ‘Sleeping Children Around the World’, the ‘Guatemala Stove Project’ and grandmothers in Africa who have been left to raise their grandchildren after the have parents died from aids.

Nationally, they have supported the ‘Diocese of the North’ and the ‘Clergy Widows Fund’. At the Diocesan level, funds have been raised to send under-privileged children to Camp Hyanto and to buy craft and first aid supplies for the camp.

Locally, the ACW has financially supported St. Peter’s ‘Prayer Quilt Ministry’, outreach programs such as ‘Clothes for Kids’, ‘Ryandale House’, ‘Interval House’, ‘Dawn House’, ‘Hospice’, ‘In From the Cold’, The Food Bank and the overall ministry of St. Peter’s.

All women are welcome to join!